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MMTIW is committed to ensuring the ongoing accessibility of its website. The site has been designed with a number of features that aid accessibility including:

Alternative Text
All images used on the websites are tagged with alternative text attributes, commonly known as alt text. When an image is used on a web page to convey information the content of that image is also described in the "alternative" text. This means that the image can be understood by text browsers and assistive technologies such as screen readers. Where an image is used for simply decorative or graphic design purposes, the text attribute for the image is left empty in line with the current accepted best practice.

Use of Images
Wherever possible within the constraints of design text is used rather than graphics in order to reduce page download time and to increase your control over text size.

MMTIW seek to meet the Priority A, AA, and selected AAA guidelines of the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and the website undergoes regular testing (both manual and automated) in order to identify potential problem areas.
As technology develops and accessibility regulations and guidelines change it is important to ensure that the site adapts as well. If you experience any difficulties in accessing the MMTIW website, or with specific areas of functionality, please do let us know.

The MMTIW website uses a print stylesheet and the size of the printed text will reflect the text option selected within the website.

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