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One of the most important members of staff in your office today is your computer(s); however in the vast majority of cases these valuable resources are neglected in a fashion that would not be tolerated, if it was one of your living and breathing staff members.

In this Information Technology age, the sad fact is that you could probably manage to keep your business running if for any reason, you were a staff member down, but it is unlikely that you can say the same about your computer(s).

With this is mind, how much care and attention is given to these inanimate objects that sit in the corner and attract dust. Usually very little.

Maintaining the PC(s) often falls into the category of, "that's not in my job description", or "I am not paid to do that". In a lot of cases users don't know exactly what to do to keep this valuable resource running efficiently. And if they do break down, repairs can often be costly.

How much time and possible revenue could be lost as a result of faulty or failing IT equipment.

You service your car(s) regularly to keep them running, why not your PC's. Take the onus away from staff by utilizing our services.

If you think your business would benefit from either of the annual (12 monthly payments) Maintenance Contract services below, then please get in touch.


Option 1: Tri-Monthly routine maintenance visits.
Option 2: Pre-paid bank of hours for repairs etc.

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