Desktop pc's

We offer a range of Desktop PC Systems from £449.00 inc vat and if you live locally this price includes delivery and installation in your home, or office.

Systems are built only after order and have not been sitting on a shelf waiting for a buyer.

This means that if you have any specific requirements they can be catered for and you are involved from the beginning offering you the option of having a system built to your specification or budget.

Barebones system towers are also available offering you the facility to upgrade your computer without the need to throw out perfectly good peripherals, such as monitors, keyboards and mice etc.

For further information, please call.

Desktop PC's from £449.00 inc VAT


Dual Core Processors ,Built in Webcams, Wireless Network Ready, Built in Memory Card , Readers, Windows 7, 2 Year Warranties


With the exception of their entry level laptops, the ASUS Notebook range is protected under a 2 year global warranty. They are subjected to the most stringent testing conditions to ensure that every one supplied is the absolute best. These rigorous tests have standards set much higher than those of other suppliers to ensure ASUS delivers performance that excels, and stability that lasts.

They are multi award winning including build and design and have an engineering team that continuously develops innovative and cutting edge technologies to provide the ultimate high tech experience.

ASUS are constantly the market leader as well as offering excellent value for money, they have introduced a mini notebook range, most of which are solid state, making them robust and lightweight for the person with a busy lifestyle or always on the road.

These excellent priced systems also come in a variety of colours. Please call or visit the ASUS website for details.


MMTIW can supply and install a wide range of peripherals for PC’s ranging from printers, scanners and external backup hard drives to Webcams and Voice over Internet Phones.

Please phone for details and pricing.

DVD / CDRW Writers ,Harddrives, Modems, Memory, Printers, Network Attached Drives, External Hard Drives

Do you have any questions? Feel free to request a quote.

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