• Have you just bought the computer that you always wanted, but don’t know where to start?
  • Thinking of buying a computer, but don’t know what you need?
  • Digital camera not working the way you thought it would?
  • Want to get on the internet, but don’t know how?
  • Need a little help with those office applications?


 Free Advice over the telephone or by email.
 Home or Office visit, if more information or instruction is required.
 Tuition on your problem area, at times to suit you.



    • Your new system has been delivered, but you don’t want to spend several hours pondering over how to connect it together.
    • You’ve bought a new peripheral (printer, scanner, etc), but its not connecting or installing the way you thought it would.
    • Decided to upgrade, but after buying the part, changed your mind about installing it.


 Installation and tuition.



  • You can’t access the internet because you don’t have the necessary hardware or software?
  • You’ve ran out of storage space on your systems hard drive.
  • Your PC is running slow and you want it to go a little faster.
  • You’d like the ability to watch or create DVD’s.
  • You want to be able to create your own CD’s.


 Installation in your own home or office.
 Supply of certain parts for DIY installation.
 Pickup and return of your system for larger upgrades.



    • Computer debilitated by a virus attack?
    • Monitor not displaying a picture?
    • System not operating properly?
    • PC not reading CD’s?
    • Internet difficulties?
    • Intermittent faults?


 Call us. If we can resolve your problem with free advice over the phone, we will.
 We will supply and replace faulty parts, in the comfort of your own home or office, for the minimum of inconvenience.
 Pick up and return service for problems that cannot be rectified in your home, with a pre-agreed maximum labour charge.



  • You want a file from one PC transferred to another, but it’s too big for a floppy?
  • There’s a second computer in the home/office but it doesn’t have a printer?
  • Share an Internet connection. Two or more can surf for the price of one.
  • Only one of your PC’s has a CD writer, zip drive, etc.
  • Play network games on 2 PC’s in your own home.

Add your PS3, Wii, XBox etc to your existing network.


 Wired cable connection between PC’s, via network hub if required.
 Use of your existing mains wiring to allow connection via any existing power socket.
 Completely wireless connection.

You can write the files from one PC onto the hard drive or CD Writer of another, or send images/text to a printer attached to another PC, without moving from your seat.

With only one modem and one connection, more than one person can independently surf the internet, at the same time.

Networking your PC’s, allows you to share files, printers, scanners and modems, and play head to head network games, from different rooms of the home/office.



  • New to computing and need a guided tour of your PC’s capabilities?
  • You’ve been using your computer, but have come across some problem areas that need a little clarification?
  • Powerful Office applications, but no idea on what they do or how to use them?


Hands on tuition in the comfort of your own home or office, at a time to suit yourself. This can range from basic computer literacy to more advanced Office application use.

 Informal advice on general PC use.
 Question and answer sessions, designed to resolve any computing problems experienced during everyday use.
 Tuition on the use and integration of Office applications. Word, Access, Excel, Publisher etc.



  • Hundreds of pictures or photo albums lying about?
  • Worried that your PC will crash and you will lose all your data?
  • Files, music or downloaded programs that are two big for floppy?
  • Several hundred floppy disks lying about, taking up space and looking messy?


Get it/them backed-up onto CD/DVD to keep forever. All formats can be put on CD/DVD. Data, Music, Pictures and Video.

 Get your data or entire Hard Drive backed up in the comfort of your own home or office.
 Data or documents uplifted for archiving onto CD/DVD. Text documents, photos, floppy disks etc.
 We can install the equipment to do this in your home/office, and explain its use to you, enabling you to carry out the procedures for yourself in the future. This can range from a cd/dvd writer, usb hard drive or network attached storage.



  • Is your system running slow?
  • Is it full of useless information and half uninstalled programs?
  • Is there an excess of data on your system to be disposed off?
  • Is there information on your computer that you wish securely and safely destroyed?


Reformat (restore) your system to its out of the box condition, in relation to software. This destroys all data on your hard drive and will improve the running of your computer.

You service your car, why not your PC?

 Completely wipe the hard drive and restore the operating system.
 Back up of important data prior to option 1.



One of the most important members of staff in your office today is your computer(s); however in the vast majority of cases these valuable resources are neglected in a fashion that would not be tolerated, if it was one of your living and breathing staff members.

In this Information Technology age, the sad fact is that you could probably manage to keep your business running if for any reason, you were a staff member down, but it is unlikely that you can say the same about your computer(s).

With this is mind, how much care and attention is given to these inanimate objects that sit in the corner and attract dust. Usually very little.

Maintaining the PC(s) often falls into the category of, “that’s not in my job description”, or “I am not paid to do that”. In a lot of cases users don’t know exactly what to do to keep this valuable resource running efficiently. And if they do break down, repairs can often be costly.

How much time and possible revenue could be lost as a result of faulty or failing IT equipment.

You service your car(s) regularly to keep them running, why not your PC’s. Take the onus away from staff by utilizing our services.

If you think your business would benefit from either of the annual (12 monthly payments) Maintenance Contract services below, then please get in touch.


 Tri-Monthly routine maintenance visits.
 Pre-paid bank of hours for repairs etc.

Broadband and phones


MMTIW Computer Services recommends Bluebell Telecom. They offer various levels of service for both home and business broadband users, at a realistic price. Bluebell Telecom is a UK based telecoms service provider with a UK based support centre.

If you are interested in saving money on your phone and broadband costs please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


 Broadband only.
 Broadband & line rental package.
 Broadband, 24/7 local, national and 0870 calls and line rental packages.

The above options are dependent on your location and conditions apply.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to request a quote.

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